Sunday, July 19, 2009

How I have neglected this blog...

I didn't even look to see the last time I posted something. So much for checking back often to read the updated "news from Joy."

I guess I haven't felt the need to write much lately since things have been difficult over here. In the beginning, things were falling into place. Some of the hardship of moving was expected and understandable. Months later things still feel out of order and it's taken a toll on the whole family.

As of right now, we are still praying for good solid employment. It's amazing how powerful that word really is. My faith has been high for the most part and I've stayed pretty positive. I believe things will happen in God's time. However, the waiting part is tough. Moving on...

I will give a quick update on the events that have taken place in the last few months.

In May, we celebrated both my parents' birthdays. As well as my nephew, Trent's 1st birthday. It's times like these that make living here so nice. We've missed so many special occasions over the last 9 years away from home. It's nice to be a part of them even for a short while.

Happy Birthday Mom and Dad! (Maddox is my 5 yr old nephew)

My brother and his family at Trent's 1st birthday


I drove with the girls from my family to my cousin Jerome & his fiance Kathleen's wedding shower in Toronto

While in Toronto, we celebrated my sister-in-law Mindy's 30th birthday

This month we also helped my mom and dad celebrate their 40th anniversary

July was a busy month as we threw Aliza her 3rd birthday party at my brother's house. His house is bigger than my parents' place and he also has the luxury of a pool to help keep the kids entertained on a hot summer day. Unfortunately for us, the weather forecast changed 2 days before the party from sunny 83 to mostly cloudy 74. So although it wasn't hot enough for the adults to jump in the pool, the kids had a blast swimming. And even though it was kinda cool and breezy, it could've been worse with rain.

I was going nuts planning and making sure things were in order. The one thing I added to my long list of to-dos was making her cake. I don't know why I decided to do it, but that was the most stressful task I had. I wanted to make her princess cake perfect and I am not a baker. In the end, it turned out perfect! The only problem was transporting it to my brother's house. Luckily I took pictures before because on the way there, the back corner ripped off and part of the front got smushed. The drive was fine until the last mile when I hit a couple potholes and then I literally heard the cake bounce up and down. I fixed what I could and Aliza didn't know the difference and that's all that mattered to me.

So all in all, a great party. We ended the night with fireworks from OH since her party was on the 4th of July. That was a crazy show! There was a couple dangerous moments but thankfully no one lost their hand!

Aliza in her 'birthday tutu dress' as she called it. She wanted one so bad and when it finally arrived, she hated it! We had her wear it periodically throughout the party to have different family see it.

Family photo

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